YLN Karting

Posted on: Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Following on from other successful events run via the YLN Go Karting has continued on the good run in numbers to the events.  6 Companies from across the Battalion attended the event with 36 taking part with various driving abilities noted.

We were welcomed, kitted up and shown the safety video.  We were then split into 3 groups for 2 x 10 lap heats before our finals in the mini grand prix.

First mention to Kart number 8 crashing straight into the wall before leaving the pits.  Various "accidental" collisions later we found ourselves fighting for our place on what is a winding tight track.

Second mention to all, the brakes are on the left everyone seemed to have trouble finding them when crashing into each other to force a space to pass.

A highly enjoyable event of which was organised by leaders within the YLN assisted by the BB office, special thanks for the assistance.

Well done again to the Clarke brothers in showing us they are the ones to beat however they were assisted by marshals as Grant was taken out by our own Lewis Houliston, the highest ranking boy, on the last bend unfairly.

Once again if anyone is interested in getting involved with the YLN or any of the events being run please get in touch with myself.

Sean Campbell, 51st Bonnyrigg



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