Seniors & Leaders Bowling and Pizza

Posted on: Monday, January 25, 2016

The Seniors & Leaders Bowling and Pizza event was well attended by four Companies from across the Battalion (7th, 48th, 51st and 65th) with 18 Seniors and 5 Leaders.  Seniors met and were mixed across 4 lanes to allow them to socialise amongst themselves.  The first game of bowling commenced and the clear bowlers were showing amongst us, luckily I opted for the bumpers to be up on all the lanes.  With some luck I think most got a strike or at least a spare, me on the other hand I bowled a pretty constant 9 pins across each shot on each of the two games. The second games proceeded to show how good the Seniors were compared to the Leaders.  Unfortunately for them we had Michael Clarke, who got the highest score for the day and was presented with his certificate.

Bowling done and up for the food. We enjoyed a selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls, sausages and of course the side dish of choice at all our events, Pizza.  Drinks were pre-ordered and I think our host was surprised we were so organised.

The Seniors then provided some ideas for future events for us to consider.

Overall an enjoyable afternoon and thanks to the World of Bowling for looking after us.

If anyone is interested in these events please get in touch, we are looking for more to take part and enjoy them.  Alternatively follow the Young Leaders Newtork Edinburgh page on Facebook by searching YLN Edinburgh. 

Sean Campbell, 51st Bonnyrigg


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