AS & JS Easter Story and Activity

Posted on: Thursday, March 24, 2016

Four Companies (8 Sections) participated in the Anchors & Juniors Easter Story and Activity event during March 2016.

The event was organised by the Battalion to encourage Members to explore the real meaning of Easter.  It received a number of entries using a range of different media, including:  video, PowerPoint presentation, storyboards, and drawings.

Thanks must go to all the BB Leaders who encouraged their Members to take part.

Some of the entries can be viewed here.


Anchors | Team Results

  • Distinction:  51st Bonnyrigg


Anchors | Individual Results

  • Distinction:  Annika Jebsen-Moore, 55th Edinburgh


Juniors | Team Results

  • Distinction:  7th Edinburgh


Juniors | Individual Results

  • Distinction:  Fraser Robertson, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Distinction:  Boyd Smith, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Distinction:  Angus Flockhart, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Distinction:  Callum Elliot, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Distinction:  Joe McCarron, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Distinction:  Sokari Dublin-Green, 55th Edinburgh
  • Merit:  Oliver Lyon, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Merit:  Kieran Turnball, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Merit:  Jack Hurst, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Merit:  Marcus Main, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Merit:  Lewis Barnes, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Merit:  Jack Wilson, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Merit:  Rylie Graham, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Merit:  James Stewart, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Merit:  Charlie Leslie, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Merit:  Thomas Milligan, 51st Bonnyrigg
  • Merit:  Alexander Irvine, 51st Bonnyrigg


Anchors & Juniors | Team Results

  • Distinction:  19th Leith


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